Secure ShellFish

Your server in the iOS Files app

All the files on your web server & personal server. Easier to access than cloud storage.

SSH and SFTP transfers

Works with most web servers, Linux servers and your Mac transferring files over a secure encrypted connection.

Free to try, no subscription

Secure ShellFish is a pro app with a limited feature-set available before you unlock. Pay once and use unlock on several devices.

Full privacy control

You control where to store your files and who has access. With cloud storage you have no such control.

App compatibility

Server directories appear in the Files app. Modern iOS apps can open files and directories in-place.

Shortcuts automation

Perform file operations inside iOS 13 shortcuts for automatic deployment, backup or whatever you can dream up.

Share the server, split the bill

Cloud storage costs grow as you share. Server hosting is charged by total capacity for all users keeping costs down.

Offline usage

Mark directories for offline use to ensure important files are always available. This requires the one-time pro unlock.

Directory sharing

File permissions on your server are supported allowing file & folder sharing between users.

Local server

Works with Synology and other NAS solutions for fast file access at home or the office even when Internet is lacking.