Secure ShellFish privacy policy

Secure ShellFish is designed to keep your information private. It does this by collecting very little information, using as few third party services as possible and end-to-end encrypting data when possible.

The servers your configure are shared between your different devices using iCloud if you have iCloud Keychain enabled. Files and directories you tag or mark as favourite are shared between your devices if you are logged into iCloud. Snippets are stored in iCloud in encrypted form with the key stored in iCloud Keychain.

The app collects usage data to determine the popularity of features and to detect user interactions causing confusion. This is done without recording personal information and without any details from your servers. We collect that you started a server terminal and whether it succeeded or failed without collecting server information or error details.

Usage data is recorded using TelemetryDeck. When Location Persistence is enabled location data is collected while using the terminal. Location data never leaves the device.

This website will log requests to the server, the document requested and the IP address excluding the last number. No cookies are used to track or remember website visits.

The notify and widget commands use this server and Apple push notification servers to deliver payload to devices running Secure ShellFish. Payload is encrypted with a secret key known only by notify and widget commands and your app installation.